Why Evil Crew Mc Sweden?

Evil Crew Motorcycle Club Was Establtshed 2005

5 Guys Joined Forces To Create What Would Become
Evil Crew. Each Finger Of The Hand We Use Represent
One Of Those Founding Members And The Drop Of Blood
Represent Our Blood Oath We Took To Join This Brotherhood.

Evil Crew Has Stand Against The Test Of Time And Has
Always Defended Our Colors Against All Thats Stood In
Our Way.

We Forget Nothing And Forgive No One
We Do Not Ride Any Specific Brands Of Bikes As Long As
Its A Custom Bike Or Trike

10 Tigers Are Always Stronger Than 100 Lambs

We Are Proud To Gall Ourselfs 1%ER Cuz A 1%Er Is
Always Free And Nervers Supporting Anyone And Is
Always Loyal To His Colors No Matter What